What keeps my toddlers entertained for hours

I was still recovering from jet lag and didn’t take the girls to preschool that morning. It was 10 am and I badly needed some time for myself. They literally played uninterruptedly by themselves for two hours when finally Sofia decided to come ask me if it was OK to eat the snacks I prepared for them earlier. That was the only time they bothered me in three hours until 1 pm.

I could not believe it!

What was so entertaining?

I let the girls pull out things from a couple of drawers where I was storing scarves, hats and all sorts of garments I didn’t need at the moment. They had permission to access these drawers whenever they wanted and dress as they liked.

Also, they could play with a couple of tutu skirts! Keeps them entertained for days! There is something about little girls wanting to pretend being princesses!

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