Not getting angry

Toddlers are experts at manipulating with their parents feelings. They know the point to which they can try your patience before you are ready to finally take some kind of action.

With most parents the child will push their limits until they give up and he gets his way. He pushes because he knows you will not take any action. Or he is ignoring you just until the point he knows it’s about time you will act.

Your child knows you well. He knows that raising your voice at him doesn’t mean you will actually do what you say. He can handle being threatened or yelled at as long as he isn’t disciplined.

Raising your voice might work for a while but he will soon learn to live with it. The one who is really affected is you.  You are training yourself to use raising your voice to make them to finally listen to you. You can’t fully enjoy them when you are angry with them. You can’t just click a button and replace all anger with a warm smile.

Wouldn’t you like your child to listen to you when you speak calmly with him. There is a simple way to achieve that.

Don’t threaten him if he doesn’t listen. Simply do what you said you will do. The very first time that he will not listen to you explain him calmly that you will take a certain action if he disobeys.

Next time when he will disobey you, simply take the action you promised you will take. No more explanations. No warnings.

By doing this every single time, you prevent your anger from taking control over you. You simply don’t even get to the point when you are angry.

Your child will soon learn that mama always does what she says she will do. She always keeps her word. And you will gain his respect. He will love you so much more and will trust you. HE WILL TRUST YOU with everything. He will know his mama will always protect him.

By preventing and controlling your anger you will make room for joyfulness.

I have experienced this. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to overcome your anger and remain calm. It’s better to take action toward disciplining your child and then comfort him warmly than be angry at him and remain cold and resentful. At the very best you will just feel guilty for being angry. But that will not help your child.

When your children will learn to take you for your word they will begin listening more. They will feel secure with you and much happier and content.

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