Mentally exhausted

If somebody ever thinks a staying home mom has an easy job that is so untrue. I think this THE HARDEST job that ever existed. In fact I believe mothers go to work “to escape the reality of life” how my sister said.

When you are at home you are accountable for so much more than when you are simply at work. You are responsible for EVERYTHING from your kids lives to your own health and normal state of being. Physically you could do so much but mentally you are drained. There are moments when you literally don’t have any energy left. And yet there are people who still think what does this mother do all day? Why is her house a mess when all she does is staying home with her kids.

But exactly that is the hardest job on earth. All day everything a mother is doing is teaching her kids. Be kind, love each other, don’t hit, be gentle, be happy with what you have, don’t grab your sister’s things, tell the truth, be happy for your sister, it’s ok to not have the same thing as your sister, it’s her toy, and so on. All these permanent fights between siblings are consuming a mother’s energy. She is permanently thinking what’s right, how to handle these things wisely, how to be an example for her kids, how to respond to them in a way that her kids highly respect her and love her at the same time.

These two things help me renew my energy and regain strength!

Time alone. I need this time every single day. I need from 30 min to 1 hour at least. It’s when nobody can disturb me for any reason. It’s a must. Sometimes I read a book in this time, other times I drink coffee and look out the window and reflect. Sometimes I write down my thoughts. But it’s me time! Uninterrupted.

Going out with my best girlfriends. There is something magical about this. I don’t have any explanation why this is true but it fills me with new energy.

Do you feel as exhausted at times? Please share your solutions for getting some rest and renewing your strength, especially if you have more than two children.

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