A Chinese touch!

I never thought of stir-frying tomatoes or spinach for breakfast until recently when I met my first Chinese friends. They cooked the most delicious breakfasts while we stayed in their home. Since then I’ve been stir-frying tomatoes almost daily for my husband’s breakfast. We eat eggs almost every morning so this was the perfect twist to add more flavor and variation.

This is how I did it!

I fried the eggs only on one side. I removed them to the serving plate, turned the heat on high and stir-fried tomatoes only on one side. I removed tomatoes, added olive oil and for just a few seconds I stir-fried the spinach while tossing with a dash of salt. Sprinkled the eggs with a mix of red and black pepper.

Just a couple of extra minutes to add so much color and taste to our traditional eggs!

Let me know how you like it if you’re going to try!



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