Rye spaghetti with turkey meat sauce!

Since we excluded wheat flour from our diet, we decided to try rye spaghetti. It’s not only healthier, but I just found out it’s much easier for little kids to eat. They are softer and less slippery then regular spaghetti.

For the sauce I grounded about 2 pounds boneless turkey thighs. That’s why I really like having my own meat grinder. I stir-fried the meat in the wok and added 2 chopped onions and 3 cloves garlic. Then added a can of tomato sauce that already had peppers and other vegetables and spices in it. Mixed in a little bit of water, salt and teaspoon sugar to sweeten the tomato sauce. Quick and yummy!

Sofia said this was so good that she wants me to always make it for her again and again! She only says that when she really likes something. So I guess this meal gets to be on the toddler favorites list!




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