Time to exercise (video)

“Mama, your tummy is soft like pizza dough!” I can’t believe that my daughter actually said this. I didn’t think 120 lb is alarming for 65 inches tall but I took it very seriously! And I’m glad I did!

I am finally exercising. The best part is not having to go to a gym and it only takes 20 to 30 minutes every day. Secondly, it’s very simple and I don’t get exhausted. I’m following Steven Cabral’s lose5in7 system.

So far this is my favorite exercise program and it consists of:


Weights are essential if you want to see quicker results and I wouldn’t go with less than 5 lb each. I use 5 lb Dumbbells, a kids puzzle play mat and a timer.

This program covers the main elements that a complete workout training must include. I printed the exercises to have them in front of me during workout.

Here are some good alternative exercises if you want to try:


4 Minute Miracle Workout

World’s Fastest Weight Loss Interval! Just 4 Minutes! “Tabata Intervals” is the most powerful way to burn body fat quickly. Read more about it here. I’ve tried it. It’s really good!!!

Check this out as well! – https://brightside.me/article/this-fantastic-four-minute-workout-is-worth-an-hour-at-the-gym-41055/ 

Express workout

A blow to problem zones: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/videos/1369898176365388/. I included some of these exercises in my workout routine. Very efficient! I am thankful to my friend who recommended this to me.

Express workout

Express workout: a blow to problem zones.💪👍goo.gl/5RB5VF

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