A bowl of health – sauerkraut, parsley and walnuts!

I’m taking full advantage of my dad’s creativity here. I’ve been making this every day for this past week since he mentioned adding walnuts to his sauerkraut salad.

Really, sauerkraut tastes wonderfully when combined with the right ingredients. It works very well with fresh parsley, walnuts and olive oil. I tried adding green onions too and it’s great. My dad mentioned adding flax seeds, sunflower seeds and substitute grape seed oil for olive oil.

Give it a try! You will love it.

My mom uses sauerkraut to make stuffed cabbage. She would use grape leaves or fresh cabbage in summer and sauerkraut in winter. This means that she is setting the whole cabbage for fermenting instead of shredding it beforehand.

I’m curious to know of any other great combinations! But if you’ve never tried sauerkraut, I hope my recipe it’s a good motivation! 😉


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  1. Juerg Streckeisen
    It works!!! The nuts even come along very sweet. Isn’t that interesting? When everything is sour, the neutral ingredients come along sweet. That’s almost philosophical. : ) The parsley is essential, I thought, even though it may not seem like that. Again philosophical. Thank you Alina for enriching my menu!
    PS. For the sake of fun, I also added some dry figs… That way the dish reaches from sour to really sweet… almost an overkill 🙂

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