Timeless truths to loving a man

Let’s face it! MOST women have very little idea how to love their man. We want our needs to be met but we fail to meet theirs.

Men are born with a desire to protect, to love, to provide, to conquer, to adventure and to take risks. But how often do we poor cold water on their initiatives?

A wife SHOULD NEVER talk with an air of superiority to her husband. This kills his affection and destroys his confidence and self-esteem. And then we wonder why so many men become cold, resentful and lonely. They drink in excess and leave their wives for another woman.


Why dreaming about the ideal husband when we are far from perfect ourselves? The women who think like this don’t understand that the other man has his own imperfections. He isn’t the man that appears to be.

I challenge every woman to a change in attitude to accept the man they once dearly loved and look for his good side. To begin transforming your marriage read “Secrets of fascinating womanhood” by David Coory and give it a new start. There will be things you will read that you might strongly disagree with but don’t let that hinder you from continuing your journey. Ignore and read further. Maintain an open mind attitude.


A woman has tremendous power to influence the course of her marriage. “Influence” but not “change”. She  should never attempt to change her man. The true change comes from within. Yet the woman who treats her man as he ought to be instead as how she thinks he deserves has great power to build that man’s confidence to live up to his full potential in every area of his life. The old saying is true: “Behind every great man, there is a great woman”.

  • Are you trying to change those things in him that you dislike or that annoy you?
  • Are you giving him advice when he didn’t ask for it?
  • Are your children, your parents, your house or your career a priority over your husband?
  • Are you reprimanding your husband in front of friends or your parents?
  • Is he spending more time with his friends than with you?
  • Are you reminding him of his mistakes?
  • Are you criticizing more than admiring him?
  • Is he reserved toward confiding in you or having long conversations with you when he shares his most inner feelings and dreams?
  • Is he often cold and silent toward you?
  • Do you immediately disapprove when he shares a great idea or an ambitious plan?
  • Are you condemning him for buying a more expensive item for himself, for you or for your household?

Don’t worry if you didn’t say “NO” to a lot of the questions above. You still hold the key to your own happiness and that of your husband’s. There is always hope to improve or restore a relationship. Several friends of mine built back their marriages. They were on the edge of divorce. You might have heard of the book “Secrets of fascinating womanhood” by David Coory. This book literally changed thousands of lives.  Regardless how hard this process can be but it’s worth it! No woman dreams of ending up lonely and bitter at an old age.

A good marriage doesn’t happen without intentional effort. You can start building it back by loving selflessly, accepting, forgiving, and encouraging. Or isn’t that what genuine love is about?!

  • Accept him as he is. Don’t try to change him.
  • Admire him. NEVER wound his masculine pride.
  • Make him number one in your life. Comfort, encourage and build him up. Bring out the best in him.
  • Allow him to take leadership in your family. Support his final decisions even when you don’t agree with them.
  • Develop kindness and inner serenity. Free yourself from pride and self-righteousness.
  • Enjoy motherhood and make the most of your home.
  • Make the most of your health and appearance. Your lovely smile is priceless to a man. Never hide it.
  • Be feminine in all your ways. Femininity is delightful to a man.
  • Ask for things in a simple way with a smile. Don’t give hints or put pressure on him.
  • Express your anger in a feminine, non-threatening and non-belittling way. Don’t use words that minimize or hurt a man’s masculine pride.

I hope you will find the will and determination to transform your marriage into what you and your husband once dreamed of and far beyond. I am convinced that if you are humble to accept that you might have been wrong in the way you treated your husband, you just made your first step toward a happier marriage.

Start building on his strengths TODAY!


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