4 minutes with Dad

Like all other times I was in a hurry to go home when my dad insisted that I would play ping pong with him for just 5 minutes. I hesitated. It was right before lunch and we were all ready to eat something, and it’s most likely going to take longer… But I said OK!

We played exactly 4 minutes! But WOW! How much fun! I fell in love again with ping pong after a 10 year break.


It reminded me that good things don’t necessary have to take a lot of time. The best moments in life happen spontaneously.

 “Some of the most thrilling things in life are done on impulse.”

― Syrie James

A couple of months ago Dad bought me a coffee after he drove me to the airport. We had the best 15 min of quality time together in a cozy little cafe. He could have gone home and I would have waited alone but he chose to spent this time with me. He didn’t think it was too short and I’ll never forget those 15 min.


My dad lives in the present. He doesn’t wait to live. He’s already doing it.

I often don’t enjoy the moment because I am waiting for the better moment. And I end up waiting for too long to actually live.

It’s time that I enjoy the ride! 



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  1. What you said about your dad is so true: “My dad lives in the present. He doesn’t wait to live. He’s already doing it.” Excellent advice! Live each day for the gift it is. Share life with those around you. Laugh – a lot. Smile – it doesn’t cost anything. Treasure that cup of coffee. Look around you each day, to see who God has put in your path. God is good. Life is good.

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