Who said ceilings should be white?

First time I stumbled over this question when my friend Diana from the Netherlands came over to visit. First person ever to ask “Why are my ceilings white?”

“WHAT?? What’s wrong with it?” I asked.
“It doesn’t match anything else in your room, well maybe just the window frames :-), and… well… the radiators”.

That surely made me think!
“Why should you choose a color for your walls and not for your ceiling?” she asked.

We got into this discussion because I was going to repaint the walls and I asked for her honest opinion. She was very honest as you see. 🙂

So, few months later, here I am looking through color schemes and colored ceilings on Pinterest. I love the idea of a colored ceiling and wondering why most people stick with white still?

It doesn’t even have to be dark, but just a different shade of white that fits into the color scheme of the entire room like these ones:

I really like these color pallets too! And white for the ceiling seems to go very well here:

Would you have the courage to go for a high contrast ceiling like in the first photo above?

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