Love is shown in little ways… and in little ways it goes

It’s really the little things that we do for the other person that make the difference in a relationship. On the long term.

To care for the other in the smallest of things! 

Like when someone does for me what I normally wouldn’t. No matter how much I wanted to. I feel loved unconditionally. If I get a new phone, I would still use the old one for another six months. It’s a too overwhelming task to download all the apps and transfer all data from the old phone. And my husband does this for me with every new gadget or app I have to switch to. I’m the elephant type personality. I get comfortable with certain things and have a hard time accepting changes no matter how promising they are.

I know this might not be the smallest of things but changing the batteries in my toothbrush IS. It would take me two weeks or a month to charge those batteries if it wasn’t for my husband who knows that I will NOT and does it every time with a smile.

It’s love shown in little ways when we do things like these for the person who has a hard time doing them herself.

Or giving someone flowers on an USUAL day might mean significantly more than the gifts received on a birthday or another occasion. There’s no obligation with it. It shows genuine appreciation.

There’s love and affection in a smile!

I read somewhere that whenever you feel in doubt about your husband’s feelings of love toward you, LOOK FOR HIS SMILE. When my husband smiles, I know he is happy.

I feel loved when he makes me a cup of coffee. He makes it THE BEST!!!

And I’ll never forget when a friend at a meeting came where I was sitting and asked: “Can I make you a cup of coffee?“. It made me feel cared for. It’s a very  special feeling.

The thing is that we get used with the good things the other person does for us along the years. But how often do we ACKNOWLEDGE those things. It can make a huge difference. It’s love shown in little ways. Our coffee machine would have broken a long time ago if it wasn’t for my husband who cares for it and descales and cleans it on time. And he’s the one who makes sure we never run out of all kinds of home supplies. It’s wrong to take it for granted or to assume it’s his obligation to do it. But appreciation goes a long distance.

It was love in little ways when my girls received potted flowers on international woman’s day from their grandpa. He didn’t have to and they didn’t expected it. But it made their day! 

People make phone calls mostly when they need something. But RARELY will someone call just to say: “How are you? Is there anything you want to talk about?” My dad would occasionally text message me to say: “Alina, my dear, how are you feeling today?”

And my best friend would call only to make sure I didn’t forget about another friend’s birthday or an important event. It’s the GENUINE interest in someone else’s life shown in little ways that conquers the heart.

Today, when I arrived home with the kids my husband was waiting for us. He decided to SURPRISE us by coming early from work. He said he missed his family and wanted to spend more time with us.

On Sunday, when we arrived home at lunch, we were both really tired and all I wanted was SLEEP. But I knew he needed it too and I wouldn’t have asked him to stay with the kids. But he sensed my need, went straight to the kids’ room and started a game with them. It meant so much! He gave me the chance to get some rest FIRST.

Love comes in little ways… BUT it also goes in little ways.

What seems insignificant to us can HURT the other person deeper than a knife. It could be as little as the choice of words and the tone of voice.I was reading the other day that before we say anything we should ask ourselves:

“Is it kind?”
“Is it true?”
“Is it necessary?”
“How will it make the other person feel?”

Am I quicker to accuse than to forgive? Can I be humble enough to let go instead of justifying my actions?Nagging is always about little things but as Dale Carnegie put it,

“Of all the sure-fire, infernal devices ever invented by all the devils in hell for destroying love, NAGGING is the DEADLIEST. It never fails.”

We all do it sometimes and we all need to be reminded that love is like a delicate flower that must be cultivated with care. And we do it in little ways.I am grateful for the people in my life who choose to love me unconditionally, in little ways every day. For of all human qualities CHOOSING to love is the most powerful!

How does it make YOU feel when somebody does something for you unexpectedly and unconditionally? Or smiles at you and you don’t know why?

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