Connected to the LIGHT

Yesterday my brother in law noticed how dim the lights were in one of the rooms in my house. I know I should have changed those old bulbs a long time ago. He said if only I had better lighting, it would completely change the aspect of that room. Poor lighting it’s depressing, it’s annoying, it’s almost useless.

It reminded me of a speech I was listening a few months ago by Margarita Rivas, a woman I admire profoundly. She spoke about Christians being LIGHT.

If you are a light in this world, she said…, then you are supposed to SHINE! She quoted Jesus with the most passionate voice and tone I ever heard coming from a woman.


Margarita repeated the word several times. I could see it in her eyes that she KNEW what she was talking about. She was LIVING IT! Right then! In that very moment!

And it made me think how often we don’t let our light be seen by others. We cover it up, we are afraid, we are not serious or intentional! Or maybe we are disconnected…

we must stay connected to THE ONE who is LIGHT!

Connected to Jesus! To have fellowship with Him, walk with Him, to listen to Him, to obey His commands, to KNOW His commands.

If I’m not connected, I CAN NOT SHINE!!! And others DO NOT SEE my light!

How is our connection right now? Is our light shining? Is it bright?

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