10 Things that make me happier

I still wonder why it takes no effort to be impatient and irritated, whereas to be happier it takes so much intentional action. I’ve been thinking what are some of these actions while doing dishes today. R-E-S-T was number 1. I needed to intentionally go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. But then I thought of all other things that help me feel joyful and alive. I wish I could do them regularily.


Here are the top 10:
  1. Sleep. Why?! Because my mood, patience and energy level depend on it. Adults need from 7 to 9 hours of sleep each day and I finally allowed myself to sleep enough time. To catch up I slept from 7:30 pm to 7 am – only first night :-). 
  2. Exercise. It makes me feel less guilty for all the goodies I’ve indulged myself with. If I can’t cut down on sweets I’m at least not adding more.
  3. Fun. One of the first things we easily give up but SHOULDN’T. Last week I played chess on Friday, Chinese jump rope on Sunday, ping pong twice (4 min each session) and went out with my best friends (a goodbye party). I wish I would do things like these every week especially when I can take my kids along.
  4. De-cluttering.  It took a while but yesterday I got rid of half of my winter wardrobe – (temporarily 😀 – I left only favorite essentials and stored away the rest). What a relief! 
  5. My husband’s smile. It makes my day! Him being at ease makes me feel that way too.
  6. Singing. Whatever comes to my mind. I read that “singing is like an infusion of the perfect tranquilizer, the kind that both soothes your nerves and elevates your spirits” (ideas.time.com)
  7. Devotionals. They help me re-prioritize life and live in view of eternity. This week I’ve been following a 7 day devotional with Francis Chan and it starts with a “stop praying” challenge!
  8. Getting silly with my kids.
  9. Art projects. Helping my kids with activities that require any level of artistic skill gives me joy and a sense of fulfillment. I forget about everything else and do only that one thing. It doesn’t matter that the sink is full with dishes and the house in total disaster.
  10. Skyping with my sisters. They always have something encouraging and meaningful to say. It’s always uplifting. Always inspiring. 

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