Staying passionate!

Nobody will do it for me! I got that! I am responsible for filling my own “passion bucket” – these are the words of Bill Hybels from the Global Leadership Summit last week. Secondly, I’ve learned that one of the most powerful way to stay inspired and passionate is to have something that is bigger than you. A vision that is greater than myself.


This ‘greater vision‘, for me personally, is the understanding that how I live now every moment and every day for the next 40 years or so, will impact eternity. So my challenge is to live this life in a way that adds lasting value. It’s not measured by how high I can get on the career level, the size of my house or the amount of money I will ever make.


It’s measured by love and by the willingness to dye to myself so that I can live for the greater vision. It’s understanding that my life does not belong to me but it’s up to me to decide if I want to live it for myself and enjoy its temporary benefits OR live it for the greater vision and gain it for eternity.

What keeps me motivated?


Having a greater vision it’s the foundation for an everlasting motivation.


But I get distracted by the noise of all the problems and issues of everyday life. It robs my attention from the right direction. I need to constantly make the effort of staying on top. How do I keep myself focused on what’s really really important? How do I stay passionate and motivated about doing the things that add lasting value to my life?#1. By reading. I get motivated by reading the right books. Novels and fiction books DO NOT motivate. There is no room on my library shelves for those kind of books, just for the ones that challenge me to grow in excellence, in love, in forgiveness, in patience, in humbleness – living for a higher vision.

#2. By surrounding myself with inspiring people and from whom I’m learning. They are the ones who empower others. They do not live for themselves. They pursue goals greater than themselves. I consider it a privilege to have met Beth, the lady in this photo. She is living for the greater vision and has impacted the lives of hundreds of people. She is a woman of great faith and loves God more than I know of any other human being. She is a woman of action. A true leader. A great counselor. She was introduced to me as St Elisabeth and later I came to realize it was true. In a way I met Mother Teresa. Her stories changed me.

#3. By making time to rest and reflect. It’s the time when I get refreshed, when I renew my energy. It’s time when I receive so I will have what to give. I disconnect from current problems and routines, from phone calls and emails, from internet. I need to do this for at least 7 days, once every half a year. This is the time when I travel with my husband and our children. I make myself unreachable by mail or by phone for the entire time. I basically disappear for a couple of weeks.

#4. By attending events for personal growth. Events such as Global Leadership Summit. Even business seminars. Many principles that work well in business can be applied in our personal lives. A leadership principle says: “your employees want to know how they are doing”. I remember sitting there and thinking to myself: “Well, my kids do too“. They want to know how they are doing. They need to know that they are doing great (when they do).

Questions for you!
Do you have a vision that is greater than yourself? Are you pursuing goals that have an everlasting impact? Is your “passion bucket” full and how do you keep it that way?

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